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Privacy Update

By popular request, all of Wulf Howl’s forum posts have been moved to “The Dens” and now require registration and login to access. The two forums “Deep In The Woods” and “The Burrow” have been merged and protected as well. Hopefully this change will allow our members to feel more comfortable discussing whatever they’d like on Wulf Howl without fear of outside harassment. The web resources forum has been left public, and we are also allowing general blog access to the public at this time (users can set privacy on their individual blog entries). The library is always public.

Wulf Howl is committed to being a safe place for all who identify as non-human, and we feel this important step will help our current and future members feel safer when using the site. If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact a staff member.

Keep on howling!

Wulf Howl now requires SSL

Although this was announced earlier, we have finally put our SSL requirement into effect. The site will automatically redirect all http:// links to https:// links. This greatly increases security on Wulf Howl, especially upon transmission of registration and login credentials. This change should not effect anyone’s ability to access Wulf Howl, if for some odd reason you are unable to access the site - please contact a staff member.

Keep on Howling!

A few minor changes (05/30/14)

It’s that time again. Although we don’t have anything major to share, we’ve made a few minor changes in order to make Wulf Howl more enjoyable for all of our users.

  • The ‘Theriotype(s)’ profile field has been changed to ‘Phenotype(s)”, in order to make it more appropriate for all otherkin, rather than just just therians.
  • A new profile field for gender pronouns has been added. Please use this appropriately and do not use nouns as pronouns.
  • Several behind-the-scenes stability and security updates have been implemented.

Keep on howling!

Correction: Phenotype(s) field has been changed to Kintype(s) due to conflict with the accepted definition of “Phenotype”.

New Section and an Announcement

New Section

Wulf Howl now has a links forum located within the “Off Topic” forum in “The Dens”. This forum is where users may share links with each other and advertise their own websites. Unlike the “Resources & Links” forum, links posted here are not checked for quality and do not have to be related to otherkin or therianthropy. This is the only place link sharing threads and advertisements should be posted from now on. For obvious reasons, you will not earn bones nor will your post count increase from posting in this area. We have also renamed the “Resources & Links” forum to “Web Resources” to avoid confusion with the new forum.

Important Announcement

Beginning on 05/09/2014, Wulf Howl will begin requiring that all users browse the site over SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This is for the security of all users’ accounts, as well as for the overall security of the site in general. You won’t have to remember anything when this change occurs: all attempts to access anything at will be automatically redirected to without the need for user intervention. It is highly recommended that you attempt to access in your browser to ensure you can access the site over SSL (everyone should be able to). If for some reason you can NOT access Wulf Howl over SSL, please contact us immediately.


Thank you for continuing to use Wulf Howl, and helping to make us the best resource for therians and otherkin on the internet.

Keep on howling!

- Shiro

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