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We're Back & Better Than Ever

Wulf Howl has undergone a major update! We’ve changed our core, greatly improved stability, and added tons of new features while improving on existing ones You may read more about the update by clicking the link attached to this post.

Wulf Howl is one of the biggest and best online community resources for otherkin, therianthropes, vampires, and other non-human folks.

Emergency Server Move: Unplanned Downtime

Due to a repeated pattern of unplanned downtime which has effected Wulf Howl’s availability, we are initiating an emergency server move. We are moving from our node located in Quebec, to one located in Miami, FL. This move is due to OVH’s repeated demonstration of incompetence resulting in long periods of downtime for Wulf Howl. Our site should be accessible within 48 hours. Thanks for understanding! - Shiro

Wulf Howl & HowlNET Downtime

I’d like to take the time to apologize for the downtime that occurred around 12:00 AM this morning. This downtime lasted a few hours and effected both Wulf Howl and HowlNET. The downtime was due to an attempted attack against us, which our server host has documented here. This attack knocked us, and other people using the same hosting provider offline for several hours. All services have been restored and are running smoothly. The Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been contacted to investigate the matter.  I hope you all continue to enjoy Wulf Howl! ~Shiro


Server Move

Due to the instability we have been experiencing lately, we decided to move Wulf Howl’s primary server to a different hosting provider. The move took place between September 17th and September 18th of 2012. It should now be complete, and all services have been migrated to our new server. We apologize if there was any downtime you experienced during the move. All in all, Wulf Howl should load faster, and have less problems!

The gist of it…
Due to the excessive amounts of downtime, server restarts, and general slowness that has been tormenting us all for the last few months, Wulf Howl & HowlNET have changed hosting providers. For those who care, System In Place (our original provider) was bought out by Enzu recently - and ever since the quality of service delivered to Wulf Howl, and in turn, to our users, has been a lot lower. Therefore, we decided to switch hosting providers to Amazon EC2. The server hosted at Enzu (Velma) will continue to function as an auxiliary IRC server, while Scooby will be our primary server.

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HowlNET IRC is back!

After a long hiatus due to June 28th Server Failure, The HowlNET Internet Relay Chat Network is back online!

HowlNET is an Internet Relay Chat Network for otherkin, therianthropes, and vampires. Although the purpose of the network is for otherkin, it is open to all users ages thirteen or over.

Additionally, all HowlNET related services have been added to our backup system to ensure similar downtime does not cause the network to be down in the future. Unfortunately, users will need to re-register their nicks and channels. This should be the last time people will need to re-register their nicks. I apologize greatly for the extended downtime, and hope to see you all online!



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